“We are Aikyam and we endeavor to be a niche wealth management company. We take a holistic view in managing the wealth of our clients.”


We are not just concerned with conducting active research into cutting edge Concepts involved in designing investment and trading systems that are profitable across all financial markets or allocating assets sensibly and generating satisfying returns at the level of risk that each individual client is comfortable with, it also means involving all family members in the wealth management process to ensure a seamless generational transition when the issue of inheritance comes up.

This ensures that our clients become financially independent and possess the freedom to enjoy all the benefits that material wealth can garner but will also have a sense of financial well-being, as they will be relieved of the burden that weighs on them when it comes to distributing their wealth to the next generation.

This opens up the possibility of complete freedom to pursue their passions in life without any concerns as far as their wealth goes, thereby enhancing the quality of life.