• 1. How Aikyam differs from others?

    Aikyam’s unique Wealth Management process is not based on investments but focused on investors to make rational and unbiased investment decisions. Aikyam opens up its uniqueness through:

    • Need based solutions
    • Process based approach
    • Objective investment strategies
    • Performance based fee structure
  • 2. Why we coined our firm “Aikyam”?

    Aikyam means “Oneness”. Very often, the resources we have and life goals do not match with each other. But, it is necessary to be integrated, in order to transform wealth into well-being. Aikyam focuses on this area of integrating goals and resources, hence creating oneness.

  • 3. Where is my money held?

    Your securities are held with IL&FSDemat a/c. We keep track of your investment portfolio and update reports periodically.

  • 4. Who are your typical clients?
    • Business owners
    • Salaried professionals
    • HNI’S
  • 5. Do you work with NRI clients? If so what are the requirements?

    Yes, we work with NRI’s. To execute NRI investments, following accounts should be maintained.

    • NRE/NRO bank account
    • NRE – PIS account(Portfolio Investment Scheme)
    • Broking account
    • Demat account

    Aikyam supports to setup the above.

  • 6. What is NRE account?

    NRE account is a repatriable account. NRE savings account enables NRI to park their foreign income earned outside India. This account allows convenient way to use foreign earnings in India.

  • 7. What is NRO account?

    An NRO Account is a non-repatriable account, meaning its funds cannot be transferred back to the NRI's country of residence nor can they be converted to any foreign currency.

  • 8. What is expected when creating a financial plan?

    In order to know what you deeply care for, we need to know your past investment experience and journey helps us identify your money management patterns. Further we need to understand the following:

    • Income earned
    • Expenditure incurred
    • Assets and liabilities
    • Goal priorities
    • Living expenses
    • Life style expenses
    • Servicing debts
  • 9. Do you build discretionary portfolio for your clients?

    No, we don’t.

  • 10. To be your client, what are the agreements/accounts to be signed?
    • Investment Advisory agreement with Aikyam Wealth Management
    • Demat account with IL&FS Securities services
    • Investment/trading account with Sept Securities